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About us


Recognising a need.


After more than 30 years in the office equipment industry, we realised that the products from this industry were having less metal in the construction of the product, therefore meaning that this product unlike many years ago which could of gone to scrap metal yards, was no longer suitable for this type of recycling.


Many scrap metal yards will now refuse to accept this type of product at their sites now as they realise that this product is not suitable for the recycling process that they can provide.



​The right solution.


The office equipment industry can no longer think it is okay for their end of life product to be recycled at scrap metal yards when more than 60% of the product is not metal. E-waste Management Solutions can provide your company with an environmentally correct solution to handling your end of life products.

The right choice.


E-waste Management Solutions is proud to be involved with industry leaders in the correct recycling of electronic waste, their commitment to the environment gives us the confidence to know that we are providing you with the right choice.

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