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With new offices opening every week and with equipment getting out-dated by new technology there is a high turn-over of office equipment in Australia. For many years this product has been sent oversea's which has been moving our problem into another countries backyard to work out how to handle this growing new type of waste. The Bazel convention was signed in Australia in 1992 showing Australia's commitment to finding a solution to this growing problem and making it illegal to export it to other countries for them to deal with, 30 years on and yet many companies are still not even aware of the limitations of exporting such products.

We thought it was time to assist with the solution.

Each year more than 50,000 new copiers are sold in Australia, 85 percent of these are sold to replace existing machines.

With industry improved recycling methods

E-waste Management Solutions is helping provide a cleaner planet for your families future.

A solution for mountains of used office equipment had to be found, landfill is not an option neither is scrap metal yards as this equipment is slowly having less and less metal product in it's construction.

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